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Set the colours of the scrambled cube and the image options to generate the picture. Then right click on the image and click 'Save picture as...'

Layer-By-Layer Solution

This page was generated with the online Rubik's Cube solver and it shows the layer-by-layer solution.
Hold the cube in your hands as seen on the image above and follow the instructions to solve your puzzle. Click through the rotations one by one or hit the play button and follow the steps as seen on the screen. If you're familiar with the notation of the Rubik's Cube just turn the sides as you read through the letters.

Be very careful because if you miss or fail one turn you end up with a scrambled cube!

Rubik's Cube notation explained
D turn: Down clockwise

Frequently asked questions

What do the letters mean in the solution of the Rubik's Cube?

We use letters to mark the rotations of the six sides of the puzzle:

  • F - Front
  • R - Right
  • U - Up
  • D - Down
  • L - Left
  • B - Back

A letter by itself means a ninety-degree clockwise rotation of the side. A counterclockwise quarter turn is marked by an apostrophe, while if the letter is followed by the number 2, that means a 180-degree (half) rotation. You can see these explained while playing back the solution if the Animate rotations checkbox is active.

Find the animated demonstration of the Rubik's Cube notations on this page.

How can I learn to solve the Rubik's Cube?

You can learn the Rubik's Cube beginner's method clicking the floating button on the left bottom corner of the screen.

The program keeps saying Invalid Scramble

Missing one of the 54 stickers while setting up the cube will lead to an invalid scramble so make sure you have set all fields correctly. If you keep getting this error then probably your Rubik's Cube has been disassembled and put back together in a wrong way. If you take apart a cube and put it back together randomly you have only 1/12 chance that the puzzle remains solvable. Take it apart and rebuild it in a solved position.
Learn more about the unsolvable Rubik's Cube here.

Why is the solution taking so long?

Our website offers to calculate the solution both with the optimal and the layer-by-layer methods. You are now seeing the longer solution because you have set the program to show this one or the color scheme of your cube is not supported by the optimal solver.

I scrambled the cube with just a few moves and the program is taking much more to solve it

The program is not solving the cube doing the scramble moves backwards but applying a layer-by-layer solution all the time. Usually 3-4 moves are enough to jumble a Magic Cube enough that a human will be unable to figure out the reverse rotations.

Is there a 2x2x2 and 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube solver?

Not yet but we're looking forward to make them.

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