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Pyraminx Simulator and Solver

Play with the Pyraminx twisty puzzle online or calculate its solution with this free simulator!
The Pyraminx is the second best selling twisty puzzle in the World and its solution is undeniably easier than a Rubik's Cube method but still not so self-evident so you might need this tool.

How To Use?

The picture above shows an unfolded Pyraminx puzzle, having the default color scheme. Click the arrows to rotate the faces. The small ones twist the vertex pieces, while the big arrows grab two layers at the same time. If you're familiar with the solution of the Pyraminx then you know that the corner pieces stay out of the way and can be solved with a simple turn so the double-layer-turns will play the main role in the solution.

Calculating The Solution

Press the Edit button to set the color of the puzzle manually. The vertex and center pieces are already set because these can be solved very easily and the edge pieces are left blank because solving these is the real challenge here. Start by adding the three blue stickers, then go on with the green, yellow and finally the red. The program will try to guess and fill the colors as you move forward, this is why it sets the first and last yellow, and all red fields automatically not allowing you to set an invalid scramble.

Press the Solve button to get the solution algorithm and the visual 3D representation of the steps. Make sure the orientation of the tetrahedron is correct in your hands before you start applying the rotations!

Solve It Yourself

Generate a random shuffle pressing the Scramble and try to fix the puzzle yourself clicking the rotation arrows.

How To Solve The Pyraminx

The Pyraminx is an official WCA competition event and the fastest speedcubers can solve it in less than 2 seconds. The solution is much easier than a Rubik's Cube method an you can learn the Pyraminx solution here.

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